St Andrew

IMG_6887Our Patron is St. Andrew (the name is Greek for ‘brave’), brother of St. Peter and like him, a fisherman by trade before meeting Jesus who said that he would make them “fishers of people”.  He is usually pictured with an X-shaped cross – a saltaire, commonly known as the ‘St. Andrew’s Cross’  – as a symbol of his being put to death by crucifixion.  Today he is the Patron Saint of Scotland, Ukraine, Greece, Russia, the Philippines, Prussia, Amalfi and Luqa in Malta.  He is also the Patron Saint of Fishermen, Fishmongers, Ropemakers, Golfers and Performers.  His feast day is 30th November

Prayer to St. Andrew

God, our loving Father, St Andrew introduced Peter,
the Greek visitors and the little boy with loaves and fishes, to your Son, Jesus Christ.
May we be like him in sharing friendship and hospitality, and in faithfulness to Jesus and his Kingdom of justice, love and peace.
May our country be a community in which everyone matters,
everyone has an honoured place, and the dignity of each is assured

by our faith in you as Father of us all.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

(Ecumenical Prayer to St. Andrew)